Easy APNS Apple Push Notification Service using PHP & MySQL


Installation: MySQL Database

There are two different files that can be used for creating the MySQL tables you will need for Easy APNS to function. However, you will only need to use ONE of them. The primary file is named 'apns.sql' and can be located here:


You will want to use this file if you can, but you will need a MySQL user with full admin access. The reason for this is because the `apns_devices` table has a trigger that when a device registers that already exists in the table, the current values are archived in `apns_device_history` and then overwritten. This will allow you to keep track and monitor changes in device activity.

If you do not have this level of access to your MySQL database, there is an alternative file named 'apns_alt.sql' and it can be located here:


This will install the main tables you need for the Easy APNS application to run, but will not archive all registrations. It will only store NEW registrations, and update existing registrations.

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