Icon and Symbol on Telegram and their Meanings

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Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging platform known for its wide range of features and customizable options. As part of its user interface, Telegram incorporates various icons to represent different actions, statuses, and functions. These icons serve as visual cues to enhance the user experience and provide quick access to specific functionalities. While the specific icons may vary slightly depending on the platform or device you are using, here are some commonly used:

Symbols on Telegram and their Meanings

  1. Send Icon: This icon typically appears as a paper plane or an arrow pointing to the right. It represents sending a message or content to a contact or group.
  2. Checkmarks: Telegram uses different types of checkmarks to indicate message statuses. A single checkmark usually means the message has been sent, while double checkmarks indicate the message has been delivered to the recipient’s device. Two blue checkmarks mean that the recipient has read the message.
  3. Clock Icon: This icon, often represented as a clock or a circular arrow, indicates that a message is in the process of being sent or that there is a delay in message delivery.
  4. Attachment Icon: The attachment icon typically appears as a paperclip. It lets users attach files, photos, videos, or documents to their messages.
  5. Phone Icon: This icon, resembling a phone receiver, represents the option to make voice calls or initiate a voice chat with a contact.
  6. Video Camera Icon: This icon, often depicted as a video camera, allows users to make video calls or start a video chat with a contact.
  7. Channel Icon: Telegram channels have a unique icon to distinguish them from other types of chats. It usually appears as a broadcasting tower or antenna.
  8. Group Icon: Groups on Telegram have a distinct icon that varies depending on the platform or device. It may be represented by a group of people or a group chat bubble.
  9. Profile Icon: The profile icon represents the user’s profile or account settings. It often appears as a silhouette of a person or a user’s profile picture.

Telegram DMs Icons and their meanings:

In Telegram, specific icons represent different functionalities and statuses within Direct Messages (DMs) and Group Chats. Here are some commonly used icons and their meanings in Telegram

  1. Message Icon: This icon usually appears as a speech bubble. It indicates the presence of a new or unread message.
  2. Unread Message Indicator: This icon typically appears as a small blue dot or a number badge on the chat list or chat bubble. It indicates that there are unread messages in that particular chat.
  3. Muted Chat Indicator: A chat that has been muted will display a crossed-out speaker icon or a crossed-out bell icon. This indicates that notifications for that chat are disabled, and you won’t receive sound or vibration alerts.
  4. Admin Icon: In group chats, the admin icon appears next to the name of group administrators. It usually appears as a star or a shield, signifying their role and authority within the group.
  5. Online Indicator: When a user is active and online, a small green dot or an “online” label will be displayed next to their name or profile picture. This helps indicate who is currently available for conversation.
  6. Last Seen Indicator: If a user is not currently online, the last time they were active on Telegram may be displayed as an indicator. This can appear as a specific time or as a phrase like “last seen recently,” “last seen within a week,” or “last seen a long time ago.”
  7. Do Not Disturb (DND) Indicator: When a user enables the “Do Not Disturb” mode, it is indicated by a moon symbol or a crossed-out bell icon next to their name or profile picture. It means they have muted notifications for all chats and won’t be disturbed by incoming messages.
  8. Blocked User Indicator: If you have blocked a user, their profile picture or name may be replaced with a crossed-out avatar or a “blocked” label. This indicates that you have restricted communication with that particular user.
  9. Bot Indicator: Bots on Telegram are represented by a small robot icon next to their name or profile picture. Bots are automated accounts that provide various services or interact with users in specific ways.


Can I create groups and channels on Telegram?

Yes, Telegram allows you to create and manage both groups and channels. Groups are designed for interactive discussions among members, while channels are meant to broadcast messages to many subscribers.

How many members can a Telegram group or channel have?

Telegram groups can have up to 200,000 members, while channels can have unlimited subscribers.


Telegram offers various features and options for using symbols in chats and conversations. You can insert symbols by copying and pasting them from external sources, using the built-in emoji keyboard on your device, or utilizing keyboard shortcuts on desktop platforms. Whether Unicode characters, ASCII art, or emojis, symbols can add a creative touch to your messages and help express your thoughts visually. However, it’s essential to be mindful of platform compatibility and adhere to Telegram’s guidelines when using symbols. With these methods, you can enhance your Telegram chats with symbols and make your conversations more visually engaging.

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