Life360 No Network or Phone Off: Reason and Solution

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Life360 is a popular location-based family social networking app that allows users to share their location with family and friends. It provides a platform for monitoring each other’s whereabouts and ensuring safety. However, like any app, Life360 can encounter technical issues that prevent it from functioning properly. In this article, we will explore why Life360 may not work and provide six methods to fix the issues. Additionally, we will discuss how to spoof your location on Life360 for privacy purposes. Lastly, we will address frequently asked questions about Life360 not working. By following the suggested solutions and understanding the app’s functionality, users can troubleshoot and resolve any problems they encounter with life360 no network or phone off effectively.

Reasons for Life360 not working 

  • Location Service Activation Problem: If the location services on your device are disabled, it can affect the functionality of Life360.
  • Cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, Airplane Mode, and Other Signal Problems: Issues with network connectivity or having airplane mode turned on can prevent Life360 from accurately displaying your location.
  • Weak Signal in Blocked Area: Being in an area with a weak signal can hinder the performance of Life360. Moving to an area with a stronger signal can help resolve this issue.
  • Interference from VPN or GPS Converter: If you have used a VPN or GPS converter application before experiencing problems with Life360, it could interfere with the app’s configuration. Disabling or uninstalling these apps may resolve the issue.
  • Program Bugs: Life360 occasionally requires updates to maintain functionality. If the app is not working, it could be due to bugs that need to be addressed by the developer team.

Methods to Fix Life360 Not Working

#1. Check the Internet Settings: Ensure you have a stable internet connection, as a poor connection can lead to an inaccurate location display in Life360.

#2. Update the Life360 App: Keeping the Life360 app up to date is important, as updates often include bug fixes and optimizations. Check for updates in the app store or app settings and install the latest version.

#3. Ensure Location Settings:

  • Android: Access location settings by swiping down the status bar. Check the programs allowed to run in the background and ensure location services are enabled.
  • iOS: Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Enable location services and set Life360 to have access to your location

#4. Check for Power-saving Mode:

  • Android: Disable battery saver mode in the status bar. The location of this setting may vary depending on your Android phone model.
  • iOS: Go to Settings > Battery and turn off Low Power Mode, as some apps may be terminated to conserve battery life in this mode.

#5. Restart Your Device and Life360 App: Restarting your device can help resolve issues caused by device-related problems. Additionally, force close the Life360 app and reopen it after a few minutes to address any system or lag-related issues.

#6. Use One Device at a Time: Ensure you are only signed in to Life360 on one device at a time. Multiple logins from different devices can cause location inaccuracies.

Spoofing Your Location on Life360

If you want to maintain privacy or avoid being tracked on Life360, you can use a location spoofing tool like iMyFone AnyTo. This tool lets you change your location on GPS-based apps, including Life360. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install iMyFone AnyTo on your PC/Mac.
  2. Connect your iPhone or Android device to your computer using a lightning cable.
  3. Launch iMyFone AnyTo and select the “Teleport Mode” (third icon) at the top right corner.
  4. Pin a new location on the map or enter GPS coordinates or an address in the search bar.
  5. Click the “Move” button to change your location instantly on Life360.

This tool provides an easy way to spoof your location and disable Life360 from tracking you without anyone knowing.



In conclusion, Life360 is a valuable app for location tracking and ensuring the safety of family members and friends. However, there may be instances where the app encounters issues and doesn’t work as expected. This article has provided insights into why Life360 may not work and offered six methods to fix the problems.

From checking internet settings and updating the app to ensuring location services are enabled and restart your device, these solutions can help resolve common issues with Life360.

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