Like a Home Speaker with WiFi and Voice Command

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Crossword puzzles provide a fantastic opportunity to engage our brains, pass the time, and challenge ourselves. However, we all encounter crossword clues that leave us needing help, whether due to unfamiliar subject matter or simply drawing a blank. This article will help you tackle the crossword clue “Like a home speaker with wifi and voice command” by providing answers, tips, and guidance to enhance your solving experience.

Crossword Clue Answers:

SMART (5 letters)

  • Explanation: The crossword clue “Like a home speaker with wifi and voice command” has been observed in the NYT Mini Crossword from December 4, 2022. The provided answer is SMART, which aligns with the description of a digital device equipped with wifi capabilities and voice command functionality.
  • Understanding the Clue: To solve a crossword clue successfully, it’s essential to comprehend the keywords and their definitions. Let’s delve into the definitions of the relevant terms in this clue:

SPEAKER (noun):

  • An electro-acoustic transducer that converts electrical signals into audible sounds typically heard at a distance.
  • It can also refer to someone who expresses themselves in language, especially through public speaking or who is particularly talkative.

COMMAND (noun):

  • In computer science, a line of code is written as part of a computer program.
  • An authoritative direction or instruction to perform a specific action.

COMMAND (verb):

  • To exercise authoritative control or power over.
  • To look down on or exert dominance.

Tips for Solving Crossword Clues:

  • Cross-referencing: Compare the length of the provided answers with the available spaces in the crossword grid. This helps you identify the correct answer that fits the given clue.
  • Word Association: Think of words associated with “home speaker with wifi and voice command” to trigger potential answers. Consider technology-related terms or common brands associated with smart devices.
  • Contextual Clues: Examine the surrounding crossword entries for additional hints or related themes that may aid in solving the clue. Sometimes, clues in close proximity provide contextual hints.
  • Further Assistance and Solutions: If you encounter difficulties with other crossword clues, explore the Crossword section of our website. It offers a wealth of answers and solutions to various crossword puzzles, including the NYT Mini Crossword. Continually challenging yourself and gaining experience solving crosswords will enhance your ability to decipher clues more efficiently.


How can I improve my crossword puzzle-solving skills?

Practice regularly: The more you solve crossword puzzles, the better you’ll understand clues and find answers.
Expand your vocabulary: Work on enhancing your knowledge of words and their meanings to improve your ability to recognize and understand crossword clues.
Use online resources: Utilize crossword-solving websites or apps that provide helpful tools, such as word search, anagrams, and crossword dictionaries.
Collaborate with others: Engage in crossword-solving groups or forums to share tips, discuss clues, and learn from experienced solvers.

Are there any strategies for tackling difficult crossword clues?

Break down the clue: Analyze the clue for any possible wordplay, hidden meanings, or synonyms that could lead you to the answer.
Cross-reference: Look for intersecting answers in the crossword grid to gather additional clues and narrow potential solutions.
Fill in easier clues first: Solve the clues you find easier, as they can provide hints or letter combinations that will help with the more challenging clues.
Take breaks: Step away from the puzzle if you’re stuck on a difficult clue. A fresh perspective can sometimes help you approach the clue from a different angle.

Can a crossword clue have multiple answers?

Yes, crossword clues can sometimes have multiple valid answers. It depends on the puzzle’s construction and the clue’s interpretation. Consider the length of the available spaces in the crossword grid in such cases to determine the correct answer.

Where can I find more crossword puzzles to solve?

Newspapers: Many newspapers publish daily or weekly crossword puzzles in print and online.
Crossword books and magazines: Look for crossword puzzle collections or dedicated crossword magazines that offer a variety of puzzles.
Online platforms: Numerous websites and apps provide a wide range of crossword puzzles, including themed puzzles, cryptic crosswords, and more.

Are there any other word games similar to crosswords that I can try?

Yes, several word games can test your skills and challenge your intellect. Some popular options include:
Word search: Search for hidden words in a grid of letters.
Anagrams: Rearrange the letters of a word or phrase to form new words.
Cryptic crosswords: Solve crosswords with clues that involve wordplay and cryptic hints.
Word association games: Connect words based on their associations or similarities.
Scrabble or Words with Friends: Engage in word-building games where you create words using given letters on a board.


With the answer and tips provided, you can tackle the crossword clue “Like a home speaker with wifi and voice command.” Remember that practice makes perfect, and the more crossword puzzles you engage with, the better you’ll become at deciphering clues. Don’t hesitate to seek further assistance and explore the diverse range of word puzzles available to test your intellect. Happy solving!

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