5 Benefits of the Lift Table to the Packaging and Labelling Industry

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Over the past few decades, the packaging and labeling industry has experienced numerous technological changes. Industries are investing in better strategies, such as automation, making their processes more manageable. With this trend proving to be in the market to stay, it’s formed the basis for competitive advantage in the industry. One of the most significant types of equipment you can have in your industry is the lift table. Despite being highly underrated equipment in production, these tables offer numerous benefits to businesses.

Below, we look at five of these benefits to the packaging and labeling industry.

#1. Better productivity

Lift tables are very powerful tools in the packaging-labeling industry. They are used to lift and lower products at various heights to ease the production process.

However, some managers don’t really understand just how much they can improve their productivity with this machine. For one, these tables come in different sizes and capacities.

As such, they can lift objects of different weights and shapes, depending on your lift table.

Moreover, they are much faster than human workers and so, can accomplish more in less time. You, therefore, save on labor costs and time.

Improving your production time means that you’ll meet your orders on time, and even have time to work on innovations.

#2. Enhanced worker ergonomics

The state of your workplace plays a huge role in determining the success of your production. The packaging and labeling industries are associated with numerous employee injury risks.

This dramatically affects the effectiveness of the industry, since workers in the industry are less motivated to work in such an environment.

Back injuries from strains when lifting heavy objects and machines, handling sharp objects or tools, and constant bending, result in the loss of workers.

To alleviate this situation, lift table does all the heavy lifting. It eliminates the need for workers to bend and strain when packaging or labeling.

Consequently, your workers become happier with their working conditions and thus work better.

#3. Lowers costs of production

The impact of lift tables on costs is one of the reasons why it has rapidly gained popularity. The tables reduce not only production costs but also labor costs.

For one, different tables can handle different types of products at a time. As such, you don’t have to worry about increasing your labor force during peak periods.

The tables are also portable and can be moved to different areas of the packaging and labeling industry. This portability gives manufacturers more flexibility during production.

Additionally, the table is pocket-friendly and requires little maintenance.

#4. More flexibility

Due to the competition in this industry, a manufacturer’s flexibility powers are the biggest determinant for success.

That’s why lift tables were designed with this capability. The tables come in different features and platforms to offer manufacturers a solution for their problems.

They can work as working tables, transport machines, or for raising and lowering products.

Its portability also enables manufacturers to deploy these tables in different production areas, hence creating room for better innovations.

#5. Durability

Every manager knows that when choosing a piece of equipment, its durability is a crucial factor to consider. The longer equipment can last, the more benefits you gain and the fewer costs you incur.

Lift tables are among the most durable instruments in the packaging and labeling industry. It can last for more than 5 years without ever breaking down.

Its durability means that you enjoy more of its benefits for a longer time without needing to increase your costs.

Moreover, its ROI is quick, making it a wise investment.


For most businesses in the packaging and labeling industry, lift tables have become an invaluable tool for production.  They offer better productivity, more versatility, better employee ergonomics, more durability, and lower production costs.

It’s, therefore, one of the best technologies in this industry. Whenever you’re thinking about automation and productivity, then lift tables are your solution.

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