Digital Vs. Direct Mail Marketing: Pros and Cons

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Digital and direct mail marketing are useful for different purposes. A different group of people will respond differently to digital mail marketing than to get a piece of mail in their physical mailbox. It is wise to explore why there is a difference. Maximizing your marketing effect by targeting age groups is smart. There are also other metrics to consider stretching your marketing dollar.

Who do You want to Reach with your Marketing Strategy?

If you are selling things that appeal to the younger crowd, your marketing plan needs to fit their way of thinking. This means a marketing program targeting this group is likely going to be a digital strategy. Those that are renting their own apartment or own their own home would be a likely target of direct mail marketing. They are going to be older than 18 years of age.

For example, a male over the age of 18 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is more likely to rent an apartment. He will also be more likely to pick up mail at his local post office. He will need to know Ann Arbor post office hours and probably need to buy stamps. For this person, your marketing strategy can be both digital and via direct mail. The correct metrics are varied, but considering age is a good start for your marketing strategy.

Who is a likely Recipient of Direct Mail Marketing?

It is not just the age of a prospect that is important when forming a marketing strategy. Some groups of consumers are less trustworthy. Because of the huge amount of fake news and fake everything online these days, digital marketing has slightly less appeal. Certain personality types are going to be even warier in light of this trend. For the people who are less trusting than the majority, direct mail is the better marketing option. People feel a bit better when they can see a return address on an envelope. They can see the name of who is reaching out to them. This means they will be more likely to consider what you have to say.

Blogging Can Reach a Larger Audience

Thanks to search engines, blogs are still a popular way to reach an audience. If your audience is one that searches at Google or Bing, this could be a simple way to do digital marketing. Blogs can be targeted just like a letter in the mailbox. Writing an op-ed or just explaining what is going on in your company can attract readers. Learning how to position the words correctly on the page to please search engines can get a first-page result in the Google search engine. This form of digital marketing is for those who have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Although blogging is classified as digital marketing, it is smart to remember that those who get a direct mail piece may check out the validity of your offer on Google or Amazon.

Pros & Cons of Direct Mail & Digital Marketing


The pros of digital marketing:

  • Reaches a larger audience.
  • Appeals to those who are younger.

The pros of direct mail marketing:

  • Reaches those who are wary of digital marketing.
  • Reaches those who may have more money.


The cons of digital marketing:

  • People are not as trusting online, so making sales harder.
  • Harder to learn than direct mail marketing.

The cons of direct mail marketing:

  • It is slower.
  • Does not last as long as digital marketing.


Overall, the target market will be the deciding factor on whether you choose to use digital marketing or direct mail marketing. But once you know what your future customers are looking for, they will probably accept either method. Good luck!

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