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Parenting has never been uncomplicated but the technological advancement and adoption of mobile phones and the internet have made it more complex. Nowadays, Parents are not only obligated to provide their kids with the latest technologies and gadgets but they are also required to protect them from the harm these devices can do. The digital world holds several dangers. That can have horrible consequences on our kids’ physical, mental, and psychological health. These dangers include cyberbullying, online child molestation, scamming, hacking Etc.

Parents are needed to monitor the digital lives of their children. They want to protect them from the threats of bullying, predation, and scamming. However, it can be a huge task for non-tech parents to supervise the digital behavior of their children by following their online activities. Fortunately, there is a parental monitoring app that enables parents to do digital parenting like an expert. Read on to know how this app helps you track the online and offline activities of your children without becoming helicopter parents.

Parental Monitoring App

TheOneSpy is a parental monitoring app. This app is particularly for parents who do not have Tech skills to monitor the digital behavior of their children. Once you install the tracking app on an Android or iOS-based smartphone of your kid, you can monitor almost every activity performed on that cell phone device. By following the simplest and most user-friendly installation method. You can get the targeted device installed with spy software without any problem.


After installation, the spy app gets access to the important information stored on that device such as messages, call logs, contacts, photos, videos, emails, internet browsing history, and key logs. This data is then uploaded to the online account of the spy app using the internet connection. Parents can log into the online spy account and review the data fetched from the mobile phones of their children.

Monitor Online Chats of Your Kids

The teens love to stay online as it allows them to communicate with their fellows without paying anything. There are several applications and platforms that allow teens to communicate with people across the world using their internet connections. Parents can monitor the conversations of their children made via online accounts. The spy app records all keystrokes applied to a monitored cell phone which also includes credentials for online and email accounts. Parents can use these credentials to closely watch out for the online accounts of their kids. This will make sure they are not involved in misconduct.

Track Social Media and Instant Messaging

Social media and instant messaging apps have successfully grabbed the attention of teenagers. These apps allow them to stay connected with their buddies; share their photos and videos; exchange texts, visuals, and voices. The Android monitoring app of TheOneSpy enables parents to monitor Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Vine, Viber, IMO, Telegram, Tumblr, Tinder, and Kik Messenger. It tracks messages, media files, posts, status updates, comments, friends, and followers lists. All this information enables parents to identify if their kids are being bullied or victimized by predators or sex offenders via social media platforms.

Track Emails

You can monitor the incoming and outgoing emails of your children with the cell phone monitoring app. It syncs all emails and uploads to the online spy app account. It will show you the email content and email address of the sender or receiver.

Supervise Internet Use

The mobile phone parental monitoring app also lets you supervise the internet use of your children. You can find out which websites are being visited. You can also find what sort of information your kids are looking for on the internet. The spy app lets you access the internet browsing history of your kids’ monitored cell phones. It will show you the website URLs and keywords searched on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and other popular internet browsers.

This information lets you know if your kids are browsing explicit content on the internet. You can block your kids’ access to objectionable websites and adult-oriented content by using different website filtering tools.

That is not all. The parental monitoring app also lets you monitor the real-life activities of your children. You can visit the official website of TheOneSpy to get the app. This high-tech spy app helps you track the real and digital lives of your children.   

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