Evolution of Blogging in Online Marketing

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What is a Blog and When was it Incepted?

Basically, when you create a blog you create a portal for your customers and visitors. Blogging allows your customers and visitors to interact with you and your brand. A blog is any sort of information written in some conversational style, which engages the audience. The first ever blog was written by Justin Hall in 1994. He was a freelance journalist but the blog he created was more of a home page rather than a blog. But again, in 1997 a milestone was covered and the first Weblog was invented by John Barger.

There are a lot of benefits to creating a blog. One major benefit of blogging is Search Engine Optimization. A blog helps a brand reach the top of the list on search pages as it uses keywords that help grow your brand.

Who Should Create a Blog?

No matter what your company is big or small, you need a blog. The reason is the interaction with your customer. Though if your business is just offline then you may not like to create a blog because the interaction is merely in person or by phone. When it comes to E-markets then you don’t see yourself as the customer. To gain trust you need to interact in a friendly and conversational way. and when it comes to a friendly and conversational way you need a blog.

Guest Blogging

Since its inception, blogging has gone through tremendous change. It’s not just done by an individual. Now it’s a task and essential thing for digital marketing companies who work for SEO and with that, the term Guest blogging came. It is a blog written by a guest who could be invited or can write off his own wish. Many business enterprises and brands have opened their portals for guest bloggers. It is a mutual growth thing. For the host company, it is a source of creating trust among its customers. For the guest, it’s his own promotion as he can share a link to his blog.

As per the trends, it has become an essential thing to get a guest blog and for this, many companies are hiring professional content writing services like ContentWritingSolutions to write guest blogs for them. There are very big names in the blogging era that do blogs and are pretty famous.

Growth in Blogging

We have unquestionably made some amazing progress from blogging beginning in 1994. The future however unverifiable looks encouraging. We for one can hardly wait to perceive what occurs next inside this industry.

What we cannot deny is that the activity titles around the blogging business will without a doubt increment. As of now, pretty much every organization has something like one utilized or re-appropriated blogger who makes pertinent substance for their image.  We can likewise foresee the foundation of blogging as a solid advertising channel. As of now, there are more than 3 billion individuals in the world utilizing the web, and 75% of them are perusing or posting online journals. What an incredible market for merchandise and items!

So, it has been clear that blogging is an essential part of growth in this E-market and digital era.

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