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For Android users, Showbox Apk is the most popular app for streaming videos and media online not forgetting how simple it is to operate. The app has a lot of free features for customers such as high-quality movies along with shows, with more being added every time. All you need is a great internet connection and you are guaranteed a great experience. In spite of all this, Showbox cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store; however, you can get it from other trusted sources. The aim of this article is to help users of the ShowBox app find various ways of downloading apps whether on Android phones, iPhones, and PCs.

Below are a number of ways of downloading and installing the Showbox Apk on different devices:

ShowBox Download for Android                     

  • The first step is to allow Unknown Sources by going to Settings, Security then Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Download the app from the direct link for Showbox Apk.
  • Look for the file and install the App on your phone.
  • After opening the App, make the required settings as seen on the screen

The app’s library is wide-ranging from shows, movies as well as music that frequently gets updated. The terms and conditions of Google Play Store do not allow the app to be downloaded from there but you can still get ShowBox from the Web by downloading the APK file for the Android device and then starting streaming quality stuff that you may watch later offline as it will be saved on your device.

With ShowBox, you do not require subscribing or having an account, the quality of videos is of very high quality with content getting updated on a regular basis which is why it is one of the most popular streaming apps.

ShowBox Download for iPhone and IOS

  • For the app to be accessed on iPhone, you first have to install the vShare app.
  • Go to settings and then click on accept downloads from unknown sources then click the trust button.
  • Open the vShare app from the apps drawer.
  • Then use the vShare app to download ShowBox Apk.
  • Then click on install and ShowBox is ready to use.

ShowBox Download for PC

PC requirements for ShowBox Download

  • To run the app on your PC, you require an Android emulator.
  • You also need the ShowBox Apk file for running the app.
  • The function of an Android emulator is to run an Android system on the PC, in simple words, the PC has an Android phone running in it.

Steps to Download

  • To download the application, you need to have Windows 8 or a later version.
  • You can download various versions of ShowBox for your computer such as ShowBox 4.08, 4.25, 4.27, 4.53,4.61, and 4.64.
  • The app requires ARC WELDER so that it can run on your PC.
  • The ARC WELDER can be downloaded from Google Chrome, the ARC WELDER acts as an extension for Chrome.
  • After downloading it, you then “Add to Chrome” on the same page you were downloading the ARC WELDER from.
  • You will get a notification asking you to confirm the “add app” permission.
  • After that, download ShowBox from this ARC WELDER.
  • Ensure that you have added the ‘Apk’ extension to the word ShowBox and it is done.

Running ShowBox Using the BLUESTACKS Method

  • Instead of using the ARC WELDER, this technique uses a Bluestacks emulator. You will need to install an emulator on the computer so that it can run as a resident app.
  • You can download Bluesticks from its official site link.
  • And then get the app ShowBox APK from the Showbox site as above mentioned.
  • Installation is simply guided by a set of instructions.
  • Then go to where you have downloaded the apk file.
  • Use the Bluestacks emulator to open ShowBox on the computer.
  • Bluestacks will then automatically load the ShowBox app.

Features of the ShowBox App

  • Missing out on a certain episode of the show you enjoy watching is not a problem; the app has a complete set of shows so you can always go back to the missed episodes.
  • You do not need to subscribe to ShowBox for you to enjoy its numerous services in addition to being free.
  • Content that is pirated is not allowed on ShowBox, the content found on the app is completely legal.
  • In addition, the app has been designed such that it is incredibly easy to use to avoid giving users a hard time while maneuvering.
  • You can download a series to watch later on your PC.
  • It is not possible to download the app directly on a computer; you will need an emulator, either Bluestacks or ARC WELDER.
  • Their customer care is always ready to help whenever you run into problems with the app by contacting them through their email address.
  • ShowBox is compatible with all media players allowing you to choose the media you prefer watching videos from ranging from Windows Media Player, VLC, MX player etc.
  • ShowBox is so flexible that you can be able to resume a video from where you stopped watching before. It allows you to pause your current video and watch other videos without interruptions or problems.
  • The speed for streaming is very fast only if you also have a great internet connection so as to get HD videos.

Is ShowBox App Safe for Downloading?

The answer is yes, Showbox download is safe. The app has made sure that it has numerous anti-virus applications such as Kaspersky which scan files for viruses. Furthermore, there is a test that proves that it does not make devices susceptible to threats after enabling unknown sources. Names Entertainment site is another site that is safe to download.

How to Fix When ShowBox Displays Error

The Showbox has a lot of features that enable you to have the ultimate experience. Despite that, sometimes the app stops working on some of the iOS and Android devices. When this happens, below are the steps you can take to help you solve the issue.

#1. Updating

When your Showbox stops working, you should update it. When the update notification appears, you select the option and the app will begin to update, it might take time but the moment it is done the app will start working.

#2. Clear Data

When you have already updated the app, clearing data and cache is next. The procedure is not complicated but you have to go to the settings, find the option of clearing cache and data, and then clear it, it is so easy and the same can also be done in Apple phones. Doing these will aid in resolving the issues of app errors.

Advantages of Using ShowBox App

#1. Streaming is free of charge

It will not cost you a single cent to view videos in the ShowBox App making it a pretty cheap source of movies and shows.

#2. It is Easy to Use

The app has been designed to give the customer an easy time maneuvering through it, additionally; the theme colors of the app are very captivating to the user. For the subscribers to access the app with ease, the menu bar has been placed in the right position. The search button has also been rightly placed on the home screen to enable the user to simply search for the content.

#4. Live Streaming

Due to its ability to live stream, users are able to stay up to date with different types of programs as they air on live TV. There is a range of channels for every user making it really useful to them.

#5. Available Updates

The app requires regular updates and hence it provides the update option so that you can stay updated on new programs that you want to watch. The app ensures that you stay up to date with the new shows that you would want to watch.

#6. Simple to Subscribe

Subscribing is really simple and the app helps you with that. After the subscription, you get to see a lot of features that will aid in looking for more channels. But you do not have to register if you do not want.

What are the Disadvantages?

  1. Some countries do not authorize the usage of the ShowBox app since they view it as illegal and using it could get you in trouble.
  2. It has long procedures for installing it in the devices being used.


As you can see, ShowBox is a pretty awesome app for all your movie, shows, and music needs.  Not forgetting that you get to stream your desired content for free, how cool is that? It is one of the most searched and downloaded apps because it has proven to be efficient and reliable.

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